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Our friendly experts are here to listen and work with you on whatever weighs on your mind.

No calling charges are applicable for the caller under the below listed conditions.

The Counsellors in India and Philippines are equipped to support callers from diverse nationalities, cultures and geographies.

Call from Ship
       +65 3159 5123       
Call from within India
       1800 890 3315       
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 Call from within PH via Globe 
+63926 648 5591
 Call from within PH via Smart 
+63968 731 2711
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Call from Ship

Call using the Chat Cards from Inmarsat

One connected, you will be prompted to press 1 for counsellors based in India and 2 for counsellors based in Philippines. After you select the option of your choice you will be directly connected to our counsellor.

This number may also be used when calling locally from within Singapore.

Call from within India

Once connected you will be directed to the counsellors and service is available in 11 local languages including English. Please note that this is a toll-free number so you won't have bear any cost by way of call charges.

Counsellors are available Mon to Sat
0230 - 1630 UTC (0800 - 2200 India time).

Call from within Philippines

The call will be directly connected to the WeTeam counsellors and service is available in English and Tagalog.

Counsellors are available 24/7/365

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Q1: Who is WeTeam?

    WeTeam is a joint initiative by Synergy Group and PTC. The counselling support team consists of professional, qualified and highly trained independent counsellors based in India and Philippines.

  • Q2: What is the service and objective?

    WeTeam is a 24/7, free and confidential counselling support system. Their objective is to promote Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health through counselling support and bespoke training programmes.

  • Q3: Who can avail of the services?

    The support is available to everyone in the maritime industry across the globe. The service caters to people across all nationalities, religions, age groups, gender identities, sexual orientations, languages and most importantly, across issues.

  • Q4: How can WeTeam assist us?

    You may speak with the counsellors about any issue that is causing emotional and psychological distress or even if seeking some emotional support/guidance for better health. With the number of stress and other health related cases witnessing a very steep rise in recent times including suicide and emotional breakdowns and coupled with the difficulty in signing off or getting good help/support, the need for further assistance became inevitable. Surveys have shown that seafarers fear calling such services due to the stigma and fear of loss of employment and therefore WeTeam is designed and focused on providing support which in turn helps the seafarer and their families cope with the situations, keeping them healthy both physically and mentally that in turn assist the seafarer stay employable.

  • Q5: How can we be sure that the service is totally confidential?

    The counsellors are legally bound to maintain the confidentiality of all the information. They shall only share the statistics on the number and type of calls and emails received with Synergy and PTC. The counsellors shall not ask for any personal details except what is volunteered to them.

  • Q6: How much information / personal details must we share to get support?

    There is no fixed agenda on what or how much information you need to share with the counsellor. It is totally dependent on you as long as you are comfortable with it. Everything you share with a counsellor remains confidential between you and the counsellors. The communication maybe be anonymous, and no personal details shall be asked of you including your name, number, company etc.

  • Q7: Can we talk about personal issues / sensitive matters?

    Yes, absolutely. The counsellors are trained to address a whole range of issues in the most empathetic, confidential and professional way.

  • Q8: How can we contact the counsellors?

    Through the mobile and/or email that will be provided at the end. You can select the preferred language with the options available when calling in. The email can be responded to in the language of correspondence. However, in the event of some disruptions to the call due to factors beyond our control, we urge you to please try again and stay in touch.

  • Q9: Can anyone call on our behalf and from anywhere in the world?

    Yes, albeit we encourage you to make the call / reach out yourselves. Geographical locations do not matter, and calls / emails can be made from the ship or ashore.

  • Q10: If I need to call again, can I speak with the same person?

    The counsellors, like the seafarers, may maintain anonymity and hence not necessarily be available for the next call. Besides that, there will be occasions where the counsellors will be unavailable due to holidays, medical or some unforeseen reasons. However, the counsellors maintain a detailed documentation of all the calls (with just a unique call id for reference) due to which our callers would not have to repeat their concerns on every call and yet the continuity of the case is maintained.

  • Q11: Will my employment be impacted if I share my personal details with WeTeam?

    No. WeTeam counsellors will not disclose any personal information to any outside party including Synergy and/or PTC.

  • Q12: Will we be prescribed any medications by the Counsellors or get any advice about our present medication?

    No medications will be advised. This is purely an emotional and wellbeing support service to assist the caller address their concerns at times of stress and/or are seeking emotional guidance/support. The counsellors, whilst offering counselling support, can give referrals of professionals/organizations who can provide the necessary assistance without guarantee of the service provided by those referred to. The counsellors will also not be able to give advice on your prescribed medications as that is something to be addressed with your or company doctors.

  • Q13: How is WeTeam different from the other Helplines?

    The WeTeam counsellors, in addition to their expertise, are very experienced with the maritime industry. They provide bespoke support with the understanding of the seafarer and their family stresses and requirements.

  • Q14: What are the legal implications in case I avail of WeTEAM’s services / Am I legally protected when I avail of WeTEAM’s services?

    There are no legal implications and/or obligations on either party. The service is essentially to provide emotional and wellbeing support and works on the premise of ‘dial a friend’. The information shared by the caller is voluntary and optional to keep confidential. The counsellors shall take notes of the case for future reference and case studies to improve the services however there will be no personal information documented unless permitted and shared voluntarily by the caller.

  • Q15: Do you offer any financial assistance?

    No. But we are there to support provide assistance to guide you to organizations that maybe able to assist depending on the need.